Process Communication Model®

Skills to observe, analyse and adjust behaviour through effective interaction.

Are you getting through?

Everyone struggles with communication sometimes. You’re talking to someone and trying to make a point… but you know you’re not getting through. You can’t understand where the other person is coming from. In fact, you might as well be speaking a different language.

So how can you reach people you’ve struggled with before? Is there a key to understanding the people we interact with… and ourselves?

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Evidence-based insights

That’s where Process Communication Model® (PCM) offers powerful and unique insights into the complex realities of person-to-person communication.
PCM is an evidence-based behavioural tool so powerful it has been used by NASA in the selection and training of astronauts, where team dynamics are at their most critical. It is equally powerful in a professional environment as the Australian College of Surgeons has discovered.

Proven methodology

At Webster & Company, we bring three decades as communications specialists to the table with our PCM training programs. Our focus is to share this proven methodology with clients and key members of their management teams.

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