About Process Communication Model®

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Skills to observe, analyse and adjust behaviour

PCM is a program that allows you to individualise communication. It is the key… understanding the people we interact with… and ourselves.

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Unique insights

It offers a number of different tools which will help you understand your own behaviour. You’ll learn to understand why you respond in a particular way to certain situations.
Understanding your own behaviour is just the beginning. You’ll also be able to understand where others are coming from. PCM will show you how to individualise communication by observing and decoding behaviours.

A powerful tool

There is no more powerful tool available to improve communication in your personal, social and business lives.

Recruitment is only one aspect of PCM. It will help you develop a more harmonious, effective and productive workplace, predict and avoid disruptive behaviour and understand what situations place different people under pressure – and why. If you’ve ever struggled to communicate with some people in your workforce (and who hasn’t?), there is no more powerful tool than PCM.

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