About Webster & Company

Three decades of experience

Webster & Company has been in the communications business for three decades. We started as external communications specialists. Marketing, advertising and media were our tools of trade. We worked with a huge variety of businesses, including blue chip clients like Audi, 3M, DU Pont and Masterton Homes.

Over the years we observed that some organisations would fly when everything in the marketing mix was right. But others wouldn’t. They’d do all the right things with little to show for it.

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People power

Why was it so? The answer was seldom found in their external communications program. It was in their inability to communicate on a personal level. With each other. And with their clients or customers.
So Webster and Company changed direction. We believed we could be of more value to our clients if we developed tailored communications programs designed to help organisations make the most of their key asset, their people.

PCM specialists

That’s when we were introduced to Process Communication Model® (PCM). We were so impressed with this evidence-based behavioural tool that we became specialists in PCM training, so we could share this proven methodology in Australia and beyond.

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