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The power to change your business – and your life

PCM is an evidence based, reliable method that will teach you how to observe and analyse the verbal and nonverbal behaviours in others. Empowered by the insights you will gain, you’ll be able to adjust your own behaviours, ensuring that you communicate effectively even in the most highly pressured and conflict ridden situations.

The power of individual communication

Without understanding how to communicate to individuals, you will inevitably fail to connect with some of your people. Using the same approach for everyone leads to miscommunication. And miscommunication leads to disruptive behaviour and poor performance. PCM will help make you aware of what motivates and inspires you… and what motivates and inspires your people.

PCM complements rule and knowledge based training

PCM isn’t at odds with everything you’ve learnt until now. It’s about unlocking its potential and providing new skills to help you individualise and communicate what you know. PCM is the missing link that will help you tailor your message to each person.

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Invaluable skills for recruitment

How often have you interviewed candidates who “ticked all the boxes” but were out of step, disruptive and affected everyone around them when they joined.
PCM is the breakthrough in understanding that can help you eliminate this problem. In fact, that’s how NASA got involved with Dr Kahler in the first place. Through PCM, you will understand the people you are hiring and how to motivate them. It is a critically important step in building an effective and dynamic work environment in which people perform to their full potential.

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