Clinical Beginnings

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From clinical beginnings

PCM originated from a clinical model developed in 1972 by Dr Taibi Kahler, called the Miniscript. Dr Kahler’s research and its subsequent publication led to him receiving the 1977 Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award for the most important scientific discovery of the year in his field of psychology.

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NASA sees the potential

In 1978, Dr Terry McGuire, the Lead Psychiatrist for Manned Spaceflight at NASA asked Dr Kahler to sit in on astronaut selection interviews. With NASA’s involvement, Dr Kahler translated the concepts into behavioural terms.

As news of Dr Kahler’s work spread, a number of CEOs saw its potential. They could see the potential in having PCM’s underlying principles reinterpreted in management terms. Meeting this demand was the catalyst in Dr Kahler’s decision to expand into the commercial world in 1981.

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Applications in business

Today, the principles of PCM are used from selection to placement, from motivation to improved personal relations, from sales to service and much more.

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