About Dr Elizabeth Benton

Dr Elizabeth Benton has post-graduate qualifications in Psychology and has spent over a decade consulting both in private practice and hospital settings. With specialist knowledge in behavioural medicine, Elizabeth has worked with individuals, couples, and therapeutic groups across all ages to provide expert care. Since having certified as a PCM trainer, Elizabeth offers communication skills training as part of her core business to patients and corporate clients alike.

Elizabeth is the managing director of UP Communication; a business with a mission to enable people to perform at their peak. Such a large part of that work is about teaching the personality factors that impact upon communication. Elizabeth is the only PCM Licencee and Certified Provider in Western Australia and is spreading the PCM message across many and varied professional groups, as well as offering personal PCM seminars for parents and couples.

Elizabeth has said of PCM: “This an astounding psychological theory that both explains and predicts human behaviour. What a powerful tool to have up your sleeve when you are trying to teach your child about bullies, or when your employee is flouting company policy, or when you are knocking on the door of a job interview. PCM skills are transferable across life domains, so the opportunity to shine as a Communication Genius are virtually endless!”

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