About Peter Webster

Peter Webster has extensive and varied experience in the marketing profession, corporate training and talent management. Now, his certification as a PCM trainer complements a unique and personalised business development service.

At different times, Peter has been an on-air television presenter, elite-level sportsman and corporate executive. However, the vast majority of his career has been devoted to managing his own businesses. He established Webster & Company in 1988, providing advertising, marketing, communication and strategic planning services to national and international clients. From 1999 to 2008, Peter operated a parallel business in sports management, specialising in guiding elite sports people as they transitioned to their after-sports career.

Peter then concluded it was time to draw on the extensive knowledge accumulated throughout his career and focus on helping clients build their businesses. A watershed moment occurred in 2011 when he was introduced to the Process Communication Model® (PCM). A communication tool validated by empirical evidence, it immediately grabbed his attention and conviction.

He is now a PCM Licensee and Certified Facilitator in Process Communication, and shares the visionary program with his clients and companies in a broad cross section of business and industry sectors, as part of Webster & Company’s consultancy offering.

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