What people are saying about PCM

“The Process Communication Model course was a positive, eye opening experience for McDonald Jones Homes. The training has been invaluable to our Executive and Senior Management team in helping them to understand the different communication styles of every individual in the company and, therefore, enhancing their ability to effectively interact and engage with one another, their team members and other employees.

Not only has this course helped to strengthen our capacity to work as a team; the knowledge and skills we have taken away will assist us to get the best from our employees, to support their individuality and, in turn, ensuring our ongoing business success and growth.”

Bill McDonald
Director, McDonald Jones


“In all the years I’ve been researching personal and leadership development, I haven’t come across a technique as powerful as PCM in its ability to teach people how to better influence others to achieve an outcome. It helps us identify motivation and communication triggers in order to more effectively engage others. This is particularly useful for anyone seeking to deliver outcomes in the leadership, customer service, sales or safety space.”

Wayne Pearce
Member of the Australian Rugby League Commission


“I have no hesitation to recommend that ANZCA (Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists) explore PCM further. It could revolutionise the way we, as Anaesthetists and Pain Medicine physicians, interact with our colleagues, patients, families and friends with benefits for everyone.”

Dr Meredith Craigie
Specialist Anaesthetist, Melbourne


“Excellent. Best seminar I have attended due to being able
to practice/use the content everyday in all situations”.

Beth Turner
Organisational Development Officer, Manly Council


“Presenters were highly experienced and had good/ relevant case study examples to support content delivery. Most enjoyable learning experience – the group of 6 participants was a perfect size – allowed for an excellent level of interaction. Much better quality of participant learning and interaction than comparative programs with more participants”.

Ian Mackay
Managing Director, Mackay Partners

“The PCM Seminar was a surprisingly valuable experience.
I would highly recommend this seminar over many other training courses. It was truly a revelation.

There is no doubt the ability to foster improved communication within a team holds the key to a happy, cohesive and interactive team. The flow on effects for any business could well be astounding.”

Rhonda Black
Head of Operations, Your Client Matters


“Over the three days we spent together in the PCM course, I learnt more about myself and the people I communicate with than I have in a lifetime of education, life and work experience.

Human beings are complex and diverse beings. However the insights into the six personality types reveal that we are really not that complex but rather we resonate on different frequencies. We merely need to tap into the frequency and human interaction is easier and a lot more effective.

I only wish that I had been exposed to the model twenty
years ago. I am very grateful for the tools and techniques that you delivered and look forward to introducing other members of my management team to the course in the near future.

Mark Vassallo
CEO, Mojo Homes


“Important for me was the fact this course was based on medical research, used by NASA as part of their training, and learnt by presidential figures. This gave me confidence that this course was different from the various other ‘personality’ courses out there”.

Marshall Kim
Head of Buyer Product Experience, eBay


“I think the Process Communication Model® Seminar
conducted by Webster & Company should be mandatory
in schools and businesses Australia wide. Peter shows you
the key to successful communication which can be used
across both your business and personal life.

I consider the Process Communication Model® Seminar as
my secret weapon to future life successes!”

Toni Rees
Marketing Coach, Your Client Matters


“I’ve done many courses like this but I have taken away very little. This has given me so much that I can use in my everyday life.”

Chris Cook
General Sales Manager, Audi

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